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5 Tech Trends By Aniruddha nazre

Aniruddha Nazre tech trends
Tech Trends

Are these 5 tech trends in programming going to help or hurt the Indian IT Services industry?

  1. Key aspects of software development, e.g. manage, develop, build, test and deploy are undergoing a massive transformation and making development cheaper, faster, and more secure.
    • Cloud-based integrated development environment companies are providing developers with an advantage of writing code in an easier, faster and simpler fashion.
    • The amount of new code written is reduced by more design-driven development, auto code completion, code repositories, code plugins, widgets,  and continuous agile development.
    • Automated test tools and services in the cloud are making it even easier to test code before deployment.
    • Cloud security and identity services have made it easier for enterprise applications to work on public, private or hybrid cloud environments.
  2. A new class of Reactive Applications is becoming more and more prevalent in both Consumer and Enterprise-facing environments. Reactive Applications are distinguished by having one or more of the following defining traits:
    • Resilient: The ability to recover and repair itself automatically in order to provide seamless business continuity.
    • Interactive: Rich, engaging, single-page user interfaces that provide instant feedback based on user interactions and other stimuli.
    • Scalable: Can scale within and across nodes elastically to provide compute power on-demand when it’s needed.
    • Event-Driven: Enables parallel, asynchronous processing of messages or events with ease.
  3. The integration of applications to external data sources and other applications is becoming ever easier because of open APIs.
  4. A rapid increase in mobile development has impacted the prevalent programming languages. The user base of objective C and Python have grown whereas that for Java and C++ has eroded.
  5. Consumerization of programming with services such as IFTT is reducing the need for specialized skill sets. Pre-developed toolkits will enable anyone to be a developer.


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